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As the European leader and the world’s third largest producer of glass packaging for beverages and food products, we want to redefine the way glass is manufactured, reused and recycled, to make it the most sustainable packaging material in the world.

With 34 glass plants, 5 decor plants and 12 cullet (glassware) processing centres in 12 countries, we manufacture 17 billion glass bottles and jars each year to supply 10,000 companies, from local family producers to major international brands.

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Steeped in History

For over 100 years, the extraordinary people at Verallia have supported our vision


A Partnership Formed

Three glassblowers and a blacksmith formed a partnership in Knottingley. They built a roundhouse adjacent to the canal, an ideal transport network.


New Ownership

The original partnership lasted only a short while, until 1876 when the business was sold to Andrew Mooney.


Overcoming Adversity

Upon facing financial difficulties, Andrew Mooney wagered all his assets on a horse named Robert the Devil to win the St Leger.

Thankfully the horse came in and Mooney could continue his business.



Elsewhere in Leeds, Thomas Lax and John Schofield Shaw began their own company at the Albert Glassworks on Clarence Road, producing glass bottles and a patented baby feeder.


Gregg & Company

In 1905, the business transitioned to become Gregg & Co. Three of the four partners were Jabez, Henry and Alfred Gregg.


Exponential Expansion

The Leeds factory on Clarence Road expanded and is where our bottles are manufactured to this day.



What followed was acquisitions, with Lax & Shaw first being bought by the globally respected Associated British Foods plc.


Following Footsteps

Gregg & Company Knottingley was then also acquired by Associated British Foods plc in 1993.


Allied Glass is Formed

The two businesses merged in 1999 to form Allied Glass Containers Ltd – the UK’s largest independent glass producer.


Glass Colour Forehearth

In 2002, we introduced glass colour forehearth to keep up with customer needs.

Allied Glass Masons Mould

Extra White & Furnace Colour

In 2011 we invested in the introduction of extra white glass and bespoke furnace colour to our operations.


The Reintroduction of Decoration

In 2014 we were able to reinvest in our decoration facilities, allowing us to offer the extensive decoration services available to this day.


The Leeds Investment Programme

In April 2022 the L2 furnace was drained and demolished after 12 years of service to the facility, to make way for the new €45 million development which revolutionised our operations and ability to manage our carbon output.


Acquired by Verallia

In November 2022, Verallia, the leading European and the world’s third largest producer of glass containers for food and beverages, signed a binding agreement with an affiliate of Sun European Partners LLP for the acquisition of Allied Glass, a market leader in the UK premium glass packaging segment with a focus on the premium spirits’ end market.

Keepers Gin - Allied Glass

Our Values

Care for customers

Every day our teams work alongside their customers to anticipate their needs and keep the same promise: design, quality and logistical service corresponding to their expectations.

Empowerment and accountability

We work to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. The Group encourages all of its employees to take initiatives; we support the expression, sharing and respect of the opinions of each and every one of them, in a global approach of responsibility.

Respect for people, laws and the environment

With our partners, including agents, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers, we are all responsible for respecting this value in each country where the Group operates.


We believe in teamwork for the collective success of the Group. This collective work is materialised independently of the organisational structure by transversal working groups (interdepartmental, inter-plants, etc.).

Who We Work With

Verallia clients include

Allied Glass Warners
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We’re celebrating Black Friday a little differently this year with some of our exquisite brands:


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New Bottle, Same Swan.

@Sipsmith’s new design encompasses sustainability, beauty, and form in one bottle.

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We’re celebrating Black Friday a little differently this year with some of our exquisite brands:


#BlackFriday #Bottles #Glass #Spirits

6 0

New Bottle, Same Swan.

@Sipsmith’s new design encompasses sustainability, beauty, and form in one bottle.

#GinBottle #Bottle #Glass #GlassPackaging #Spirits #GlassDesign

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